Looking at Lisa you might not think her journey was a long and hard one.  It is Lisa’s perseverance that has continuously kept her climbing to the top of the every mountain to reach her goals.


As a child and young adult, Lisa was a figure skater and very active.  She faced her first bump in the road when her wanting to skate professionally turned into an unhealthy obsession with food, leaving her depleted, depressed and thin.  After her fight through an eating disorder, with University behind her, she moved and got her start in the restaurant business.  After some years of letting training and eating slip Lisa discovered Kettlebells at a local boot camp and fell in love.  Still trying to keep balance in her life, she attempted to eat well and make it to Kettlebell bootcamp 2-3 times per week.  This attempt was short-lived and little did Lisa know she was about to face the toughest part of her journey thus far.


Barely being able to get out of bed in the morning, and still having to go to work because she was the business owner; she knew something had to change. Lisa spent months and then years trying different things prescribed by Doctors and Naturopaths, but nothing seemed to be working for her.


So she reached out to friends and finally got a referral for a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P).  With the use of diagnostic testing, together they got to the root of her problems.  Then with the proper guidance to make dietary changes, get more rest, learn “how” to deal with stress and receive support through appropriate supplementation; she started to feel better.


When her energy became consistent she knew it was time to put exercise back into her new healthy regime, so she sought out a Kettlebell gym and slowly went back at it.  After a few months she decided she wanted to do some heavier weight training and that’s when she discovered Just Lift Olympic Weightlifting Gym.  She started Personal Training with Head Coach and Owner, Greg Chin, and saw some big gains.  At the same time, she started competing in Kettlebell Sport.


With a brand new passion in her life, she wanted to be the best she could be, so she sought out world renowned Sergey Rudnev, five time World Champion in Kettlebell Sport and the President of the International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy to be her online coach.  In less than one year of Kettlebell Sport training under Coach Sergey, and still working with Coach Greg for strength, she won won a Silver at the Canadian National Championships, a Gold at the USA National Championships and a Gold in her age group (40-44), as well as a Silver in her weight category at the IUKL Kettlebell Sport World Championships in Aktobe, Kazakhstan in 2016.


Lisa has continued to hold the highest positions in Kettlebell Sport in 2017 bringing back another Silver from the Canadian National Championships, her continued title as the US National Champion and is still the reigning World Champion in the 16kg Snatch in her age group (40-44) from the IUKL Championships held in Seoul, South Korea, November 2017.


Although these achievements are monumental, Lisa’s true drive comes from helping and coaching others to reach their full potential.  Lisa has been sought out by many as more and more people are having a hard time losing weight, or having enough energy to get through the day, and contrary to popular belief, sometimes these issues are not about what is going on outside of the body.  Unlike other companies, Killah Performance uses diagnostic testing to pinpoint what is going on inside the body, so vitality can be restored and there is no guesswork, just pure results.


Lisa works with many sport nutrition clients, as well, and through her customized programs, they have been able to have more energy, increase their results, lose fat, gain muscle and take their game to the next level.  As the Head Kettlebell Coach at Just Lift, she coaches many athletes in her Kettlebell Bootcamp, most of which came just to get back in shape, and now find themselves competing in Kettlebell Sport competitions.  Her athletes range in age from 25 to 60+, and all have seen huge gains, as they get stronger and faster every week!  At the first International Canadian Kettlebell Alliance Competition in Ontario, hosted by Lisa, and held at Just Lift, her athletes brought home four Gold medals!

Lisa Pitel - Killah

B.Comm., FDN-P, Pn1, IKSFA2, YTU


Functional Diagnostic Nutrition - Practitioner

Precision Nutrition Coach

Yoga Tune Up Certified (70hr)

International Kettlebell Sport & Fitness Academy Kettlebell Sport Coach Level 2

2016, 2017 World Champion - Amateur 16kg Kettlebell Snatch Veteran (40-44)

2016, 2017 USA National Champion - 16kg Kettlebell Snatch

Canadian Kettlebell Alliance - Ontario Representative


B.Comm., FDN-P, Pn1, IKSFA2, YTU


©2017 Killah Performance

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